e-Aushadhi is a complete web based supply chain management solution for distribution of drugs, surgical and sutures to various District Drug Warehouses (DWH), Medical Colleges, Hospitals, Community Health Centers (CHC), Primary Health Centers (PHC) and Drug Distribution Centers (DDC) from where the drugs are issued to the patients, who are the final consumers in the chain.
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First Release Date :01-Jan-2014
Current Release Date :01-Jun-2017

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Web Application
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State Specific
Health & Family welfareHealth
pk srivastava (pksrivastava@cdac.in)
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Supply Chain, Drugs Management, Inventory Management (IM), Vaccines
Services Offered
Demand Management
Demands for drugs can be generated Quarterly/Half yearly/Annually by stores and complied at various levels before freezing at Head Quarter. Indent can be raised based on stock position using Indent Generation 1. Demand Generation 2. Demand Compilation 3. Demand Freezing 4. Indent Generation
Procurement Management
Multiple Suppliers Rate Contract can be defined. PO with multiple drugs at multiple delivery locations with schedule can be made. 1. Rate Contract and Approval 2. Purchase Order Generation and Approval 3. Local Purchase Order Generation 4. Replacement Order Management 5. Supplier Interface
Issue and Receipt Process
Issue to sub stores from warehouse and to patient is available. Material Receipt Report at Challan with Digital Signature is USP of the application. 1. Issue to Sub Store 2. Issue to Patient 3. Issue to Third Party 4. Challan Receive at WareHouse 5. Receive from Third Party
Quality Management
Drugs are sent for QC and remain as inactive untill QC is passed. Acceptance Certificate after QC is made. 1. Sample Send from Head Quarter/ Store to QC Cell 2. Sample Receive at QC Cell 3. Sample Send to Lab 4. Sample Receive at Lab 5. Result Entry at Lab 6. Result Acknowledge at Head Quarter
Return Process
Return process includes: 1. Return from Supplier 2. Return from Store 3. Return from Third Party
Transfer Module
Transfer from one store to another for excess and shortage requests can be done. 1. Transfer Excess Request 2. Transfer Shortage Request 3. Transfer Order Generation 4. Transfer within Stores 4. Acknowledge Transfer
Finance Management
Online Payments to Supplier and Lab with bank integration and verifications through digital signature is available. 1. Supplier Payment with Bank Integration and Digital Signature 2. Lab Payment with Bank Integration and Digital Signature 3. Budget Management
Enquiry Module
Drug Inventory for stores is readily available. Dashboards with various statistical analysis at State, District, Store and Department level are available. 1. Stock Position 2. Drug Locator 3. Dashboard 4. Cost Estimation Calculator
Miscellaneous Processes
Various operational processes and modifications are made in the application as per requirement like 1. Breakage/Lost Entry 2. Miscellaneous Consumption 3. Donated Item Details 4. Stop Delivery 5. Modifications
User Management
Creation and Management of users of the application is done using roles and seat creation. 1. User Creation 2. Menu Mapping
Alert Management
Various alerts from the application can be generated based on events in the application or Data required from the application. 1. Event Based Alerts 2. Jobs Based Alerts
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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
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Across India 16 states have been successfully implemented with eAushadhi software. 1. Around 2.5 crore patients have benefitted in Andhra from e-Aushadhi since June 2015. 2. Medicines amounting to around Rs.140 crores have been issued in Gujarat in CHC, PHC and Hospitals since April 2016.
Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi (NCT), Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand