Online Blood Bank, Area wide Blood Bank automation system

Online Blood Bank is an integrated area wide blood bank automation system, which computerizes end to end process of the blood bank and inter connects multiple Blood Banks of an area/state in a single network. This helps the authority to monitor & manage the blood stock position of the entire state and by & large citizen gets the benefits. Integrated area wide Blood Bank automation system refers the acquisition, validation, storage and circulation of various live data and information electronically regarding blood donation and transfusion service. Such system is able to assemble heterogeneous data into legible reports to support decision making from effective donor screening to optimal blood dissemination in the field. Those electronic processes help the public for easy access to the blood availability status of blood banks on finger tip through web, SMS & IVRS facility. It also provides online status of blood group wise availability of blood units in all the licensed blood banks in the state. It includes online tracking and trailing system of the blood and blood products (components of blood) by the state level administrators.
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First Release Date :14-Dec-2011
Current Release Date :10-Jan-2013

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Web Application
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Services Offered
Blood Collection
This covers the process from donor registration (both volunteer & exchange donor), donor screening, blood collection, blood testing (HIV, HCV, HBV, Malaria, VDRL) to blood storage along with component separation. Bar coding of blood units will be done for unique identification of each unit.
Blood Issue
This covers the process from Patient registration/requisition entry, blood grouping & Cross matching to issue of blood units to patient based on requisition. Total issue record can be tracked as per requirement by admin on monthly/ yearly basis.
Camp Management
The camp process starting from camp registration, pre camp to post camp final report preparation process will be managed through this system. The admin also keeps track of all camp organized in a month / year and track report as & when required.
Consumables Inventory Management
The consumable inventory like blood bag, needles, chemicals, cottons & testing kits etc are managed by the system. These consumables will be added to inventory stock on monthly basis and will be updated on daily basis as per the utilization of the items.
Blood Transfer
Blood transfer from one blood bank to other blood bank and also from blood bank to different blood storage units will be managed in the system. The Blood transferred log will be maintained, which can be tracked at any point of time.
Citizen service
Citizen all over the designated area can access blood group wise availability of Blood & Blood products through web, SMS facility and the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). Online donor registration & camp registration can also be done by citizen in the interface provided for citizen.
Bio-Waste Blood Packet Service
The system will manage the deferred waste blood units in bio-waste management system, in which the detail issue & supply of wastes to the licensed agencies for destroying the deferred blood units will be maintained in the system. The blood bank user has to keep a track of the deferred blood packets.
Assets Management
The equipments of a blood bank play a vital role in the entire process of blood collection and storage. This module will manage the assets of blood bank (machinery equipments) along with keeping track of Calibration & AMC record against each equipment.
License Renewal Management
This will manage the license renewal process of different blood banks starting from the submission of the indent for renewal of license, receipt & approval of indent by Drug user and then License renewal of the concern blood bank is managed through the system.
Web Server: 
Web Server Version: 
SQL Server
DBMS Version: 
2008 R2
Additional Requirements: 
Bar code Printer and Bar code Reader. Biometric Device also can be integrated. With some efforts the system can work on any other compatible database apart from SQL server.
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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
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Either an individual blood bank or state as a whole can implement this system.
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External agency
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Luminous Infoways