e-Shushrut- Hospital Management Information System

e-Sushrut C-DAC’s Hospital Management Information System is a major step towards adapting technology to improve healthcare. HMIS incorporates an integrated computerized clinical information system for improved hospital administration and patient health care. It also provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record of the patient. A data warehouse of such records can be utilized for statistical requirements and for research. The real time HMIS streamlines the treatment flow of patients and simultaneously empowering workforce to perform to their peak ability, in an optimized and efficient manner. It is modeled on the unique combination of a ‘patient centric and medical staff centric’ paradigm, thus providing benefits to both the recipients and the providers of healthcare. It ensures dramatic improvement in performance along with reducing the costs. HMIS can be customized for a variety of hospitals such as medium sized clinics, large sized hospital which could be Government hospitals, Super specialty hospital or Purely Private hospitals. Features • Web Based Application • Portable across a variety of platforms • Configurable for Multiple Hospitals • Connects people, process and data in real time across all the hospitals • Customized clinical data according to department and laboratory • Unique Registration ID for patient throughout the State • Cross consultation for patients among different health professionals within the State • Generations of Charts, Graphs, Trends and dashboards • Generation of comprehensive EMR and Patient Profile • Role & Rule Based • Interface with Medical Equipments, Barcode, Biometrics, Digital Tablets etc • Integration with Aadhar and SMS Gateway
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First Release Date :01-Oct-2015
Current Release Date :08-May-2017

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e Hospital Management System
Services Offered
Registration of a patient involves assigning a unique central registration number (CR. No.). very patient who visits the hospital is to get registered before getting any consultation, treatment, investigations, etc. from the hospital.
For all Emergency patients examination data is examined by respective doctors under various departments also recording of patient's complaints, diagnosis, Drugs prescribed, Drug Allergies, Symptom Review, Follow up Notes are handled by this module.
Investigation Services deals with the Tests and Investigation related activities carried out in the hospital. In any Hospital there are a number of tests performed on the patients or samples. For completion of a Test certain workflow is followed in the Hospital.
OPD is the major area where most of the services are provided to the patient, after the registration the patient comes to the doctor in Out Patient department, where doctor checks for the complaints and examinations of the patient.
The IPD module comes into picture when a patient is advised to get admitted, by a doctor. A new patient will be admitted to a ward and assigned a bed. The Inpatient management module keeps track of day-to-day activities related to an admitted patient.
This module handles the Inpatient activities which include admitting a patient, Bed Management, Transferring a patient, discharging a patient, entering a Patient on leave, Entering Compensable details. The hospital indoor facilities are divided in a number of ways.
The Appointments covers the fixation of patient appointments and scheduling of each department’s activity. Appointment fixation is the activity, which allots prior dates for those patients who desire to see a doctor or visit the hospital.
This module covers the Patient centric Billing. Some of the features are... • Facility for online cash collection • Facility to define the charges, for each and every service that requires billing The charges should cover all patient categories like Normal, Staff etc and Hospital
Blood Bank
Blood Bank is a comprehensive online Inventory Management System which gives detailed information about Blood Components from collection to its consumption by end user. Using this system, the high level management can track the position of Blood Bags and Donor related information.
BMED module deals with all the aspects of medical equipment like Auto Analyzers, X Ray Machines etc. It deals with installation, maintenance, repair and complaints of medical equipment.
CSD ie Central Sterilization Department is stand alone having service facility round the clock CSD receives the used washed and cleaned material such as surgical instruments, linen, procedure sets, gloves etc., for sterilization.
Diet Kitchen
Diet and Kitchen module covers multiple responsibilities related to the patient’s daily intake or nutrition. The basic function of the kitchen is to manage the patient’s meal services to take care of supply of Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner.
Patient Enquiry Module handles all types of enquiries from the public, patients, and departments and even from employees. Enquiry module have all the compiled information related to the activities of the hospital with details of location.
Inventory Management plays a central role in hospital. This consists of ascertaining the needs of various departments in the matter of items and devising such policies that all the materials, will be constantly available so that they are supplied to the user departments without delay.
Laundry department is responsible for the washing of items like (Linen, bed sheets etc.) used in different wards, OT, user areas. This module will help automate the entries made by the laundry in-charge when he receives and issues the items back to the concerned departments.
Service Area
This modules deals with all those things which OPD/IPD Area provides as addition services to the patient like injection, Plaster, Dressing etc.
OT & Anesthesia
Operation Theater module contains information about all the theatres, Equipment/Tools etc. availability information. Scheduling of operations is the main function of this module. Various departments give the requisition for an operation theatre.
The Purchase module mainly deals with the procurement and management of stock of various consumable or non-consumable items required by the different Departments of the Hospital. The requirements of the items are sent by the various department and stores.
Transport module provides efficient control and management of a hospital’s transport orders. Transport department handles all the transport of the Hospital that includes maintaining records of each vehicle, maintaining driver detail.
Alert Managemenet
Alert feature delivers important messages through the HMIS system. Time-critical events such as: a. Alerts for Investigation Validations pending. b. Alerts to be sent in case of disasters in the casualty c. Alerts in case of reorder level (stock) etc.
User Management
HMIS will provide administrator desk to the System Administrator. Through the Administrator desk System Administrator will do following activities a. User Management b. Role Management c. Log Management
MRD is a record room of the Hospital. All information regarding patients including case sheets of Inpatients & MLC case sheets are stored here and retrieved as and when required for internal as well as external use.
An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a computer-based patient medical record. An EMR facilitates access of patient data by clinical staff at any given location. With the introduction of the Electronic Medical Record the patient information is captured electronically.
Duty Roster
A duty roster is a schedule which assigns tasks, shifts (e.g. the night shift), to hospital staff. It is usually done by Department Incharge/ Head.
Employee Personal Details
The Personnel Information system is a Computer based system for maintenance of the Service Registers of individuals in an organization. The details pertaining to personnel, postings, qualifications, departmental tests passed, training attended, family details etc are stored in this system.
Bio Medical Waste
BMW department is responsible for managing the Bio Medical waste of whole hospital, as per the state/standard guidelines this department manages the Waste from Collection to hand over the same to the third party agency.
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Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh (UT), Maharashtra, Rajasthan
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