e-Upkaran (EMMS) is a comprehensive software solution to improve the inventory Management and Maintenance services of Equipment in hospitals across the state.Equipment Maintenance and Management System (EMMS) is a web based Application. It is to facilitate the corporation for managing the various equipment related business processes through DVDMS computer application. Procurement/Logistics, Quality and Finance department users get information on their respective desktop online. Warehouses, sub-stores, CHCs and PHCs users are also important users of this application for Stock and Maintenance and Usage management.
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First Release Date :01-Jan-2014
Current Release Date :01-Jun-2017

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Web Application
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State Specific
Health & Family welfareHealth
pk srivastava (pksrivastava@cdac.in)
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State Specific MoU is signed and customization of application is done at state level.
Services Offered
Demand Management
It provides to generate ascertain new demand of equipment at facility level. Demand Management system have various level of process a) Demand Raise, b) Demand Verification, c) Demand Compilation & Freezing
Procurment Management
it provides to generate the multiple suppliers rate contract for equipment. Purchase Order with multiple equipment will be generated for different consignee. It have different process a) Rate Contract b) Purchase Order Generation & Approval d) Supplier Interface e) Challan Receiving.
Transfer Management
It provide to transfer the equipment from one facility to anther facility. this process have various level of process a) Request b) Issues, c) Return, d) Acknowledged
Inventory Management
It is used to enter current stock details as per the Laboratory Wise along with stock status such as Functional, Installation Pending, Non Functional as per the program. For this management various level of process are a) Add Inventory, b) Installation Desk, c) Guarantee & Maintenance Desk.
Complain Management
Each department / laboratory technician maintain the complaint through this process, the service engineer take further course of action related to complaint. Complaint Management system have various level of process a) Complaint Raise, b) complaint Approval, c) BME Complaint Management.
Finance Management
Online bills are raised by the supplier and submitted to the finance department for further action. Budget management desk is also provided for allocation of fund at every
Usage Management
This process is used to maintain the total usage of an equipment in particulate lab.
Condemnation Management
This process is used to maintain and manage the equipment condemnation and auction details by BME such as a) Identification Details, b) Order Generation, c) Committee Formation, d) Schedule review, e) Recommendation, f) Approval by Competent Authority, g) Certificate Issue, h) Auction Details.
Miscellaneous Processes
Physical Stock Verification and enquiry desk.
IVRS integation with e-Upkaran
Through this end user can log the complaint of an equipment having unique identification no.
Associated Mobile Apps
To maintain the e-Upkaran complaint management process through the app.
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Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh