Recent Apps

eCollabDDS is a web based tool that provides a real time collaborative environment to visualize medical and dental images (digitized X-Ray images or DICOM data) for Patient diagnosis and treatment pla
Price Support Scheme (PSS) is a scheme run by Government of India, which offers Minimum Support Price (MSP) for a produce, to protect farmers from exploitation. If government’s intervention is not the
e-CollabCAD Web Viewer is a product for visualisation and sharing of 3D design data of CollabCAD and open 3D data file formats (STL, OBJ, JSON).
e-Sanad is a project aimed at online submission/verification of documents with an ultimate object to extend contact less, cashless, faceless and paperless document attestation service for apostille an
e-Upkaran (EMMS) is a comprehensive software solution to improve the inventory Management and Maintenance services of Equipment in hospitals across the state.Equipment Maintenance and Management Syste